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Electrostatic Headphones

Electrostatic Headphones

The Millet MAX Hybrid Headphone Amplifier

Millet Max Millet Max The Millett Hybrid Maxed, is a vacuum tube and solid state hybrid headphone amplifier. It is the latest refinement in a series of headphone amplifiers that began with Pete Millett, its namesake. The schematic, BOM, and PCB layout are freely available, and many people have already created a copy.
The design uses low voltage tubes which were typically used in situations like car radios, where high voltage supplies were not available or convenient. The tubes are supplied with 24V DC from a ‘wall wart’ supply.
The design, as well as being a nice polished one with the kinks ironed out, includes nicities such as a delay mute circuit to stop the power switch thump in your headphones, and the option to include a BJT ‘Diamond Buffer’ or MOSFET output stage. It even includes PCB footprints for LEDs to illuminate your tubes!!
Colin Toole is currently taking names and quantities for a group buy of the custom PCB designed for the MAX amp. The expected cost is $12, however, it could be less if enough people place orders. Orders can be placed until June 3rd. More than 253 have been spoken for so far.

MAX Overview – Link & here’s where to get the PCB.

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